Lifestyle photographs of children and families, custom designed into a handcrafted memory book.

Storytelling Photography for Families

Because some stories never get old.

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Storytelling Family Photography

If life has a flaw, it’s that it moves too fast. The chaos of daily life makes it easy to overlook the little things we hold so dear. Capture and embrace these remarkable details because before you know it, your children have already grown.

Birth Stories and Newborns

Parenting is bittersweet. The sleepless hours seem to last an eternity, but in the blink of an eye, every tiny detail of your baby changes and is so quickly gone forever. Hold onto these fleeting memories, before they are forgotten.

Parties and Celebrations

You’ve planned the perfect celebration filled with good friends and family, fun games and yummy cupcakes… but will you be in the picture? Put away the camera and join the party, so your family knows just how much you love them.

Love Stories and Weddings

All is full of love on your wedding day. Hold onto the memory of how it feels to be in the moment, together, surrounded by everyone you love. This is when your story begins.

it will go by faster than you think…

Life is short. Childhood is even shorter.

Make the most of it with Bittersweet Books. A few short years from now, you’ll be teary-eyed your children were ever this small.

If you’re happy and you know it, a photo book will surely show it!

Protect your family’s memories in stunning, handcrafted, fine art albums with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Easy-peasie, one-two-threesie.

We know just how much work it is to design a great photo book. That’s why we’re here to help make sure your child’s growth is beautifully preserved.

5 easy steps to keep your memories safe


a message from sharon…

If life has a flaw, it’s that it moves too fast.

As a parent, I want the world for my daughter. I want her to feel safe. Happy. Successful. Most of all, I want her to feel loved. My hopes and dreams for her future soar — yet as I watch her grow, I can’t help but also cry a little as every tiny detail changes and is so quickly gone forever.

i miss her already…

Bittersweet Books help you hold onto these fleeting moments by giving you a quiet way to reflect upon the things that matter most to you, Bittersweet Books soothe and rejuvenate your spirit, allowing you to embrace change as your children grow up.

My mission as a photographer is to help you to document and embrace the love you have for your family.

Parenting is bittersweet. The chaos of daily life makes it easy to overlook the little things we hold so dear, until one day you realize they’re already gone. Bittersweet Books give you a simple way to combine natural, expressive professional photographs with your own storytelling to create a unique and meaningful keepsake you can hold onto forever.

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